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Central American Mining Companies Accelerates Operation

Author: Source: Date: 2019-04-17 11:21:37

Central American Mining Companies Accelerates Operation

According to Markku Björkman (Miningmetalnews), the operations of transnational mining companies have accelerated in recent decades in many Central American countries like Salvador, elize, Costa Rica and Panama.

El Salvador denied all excavation in March 2017, but in other countries, the dispute continues. 

A report by the NGO organizations indicates that by the beginning of 2017, 172 permits were issued for mining in Honduras. They cover an area of 7,275 square kilometres, which is 6.5 per cent of the country's surface area.

There were 55 licenses in Guatemala, covering 4,143 square kilometres, or 3.8 per cent of the area.

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