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Mine Lighting

Author: Source: Date: 2018-09-03 17:50:44

Mine Lighting


With the growth of the mining industry came the evolution of equipment and machinery to make miner’s tasks easier and more profitable.

Lighting mechanisms were continually being modified to make the job safer from explosions caused by open flame and to provide better visibility. However, the evolution of lighting mechanisms was often slowed because of the miner's resistance to use a lamp that was not yet proven reliable. Thus it can be seen that miner light was essential to miner’s labor & life. Without light there was no sight, no work, and no wages, no safety.

With the development and progress of science and technology, Mine lights can be divided into seven general classifications: saucer-type open grease lamps, hanging oil lamps, candles, oil wick lamps, safety lamps, carbide lamps, and LED mining lamps.

Nowadays LED mining lamps become the commonly use of lighting fixture for miners. As LED mining lamps has green pollution-free features, non-lead, mercury and other pollution elements. This features which make led mining lamp long-term and reliable application in factories, mines, warehouses , Humidity, poor environmental conditions in the place.


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