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Safety skills of workers in underground mines

Author: Source: Date: 2018-09-14 15:26:09

Safety skills of workers in underground mines

The mining industry is known worldwide for its highly risky and hazardous working environment. So, the well-trained safety skills in underground mines is indispensable for the ensure of workers health and safety in underground mine.

Eleven teams from some of the Goldfields’ major mining companies will vie for success in an upcoming three-day underground emergency response tournament at Gold Fields’ St Ives operation, near Kambalda. They will be put to the test in a range of scenarios, including search and rescue, first aid, vertical rescue and breathing apparatus drills across the three days (News from Zach Relph, info mine)

Such kind of tournament will enhance the safety awareness of workers, therefore to stimulating enthusiasm of the workers to have a well-trained safety Skills. It worth learning of mining groups world wide to make efforts for the safety of workers.

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