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Tips to Prevent Slips on the Loading Dock

Author: Source: Date: 2017-06-16 17:19:44

Tips to Prevent Slips on the Loading Dock

Injuries and accidents happen in workplace, which will cause our cost on the labors and productions. Among all of the work places, loading docks can be dangerous for workers. The speeds at which many material handling operations take place dictate a certain degree of risk. The conditions outside your loading dock greatly can enhance the probability of one of those risks: a worker slipping and falling.

One way to reduce this risk is to minimize the infiltration of outside elements – like rain and snow – from getting into the loading dock area. This can be done using a system of dock sealing products to get a complete, tight seal at each loading dock opening. Here are some tips for achieving a complete seal:

1.        Look for Light

2.        Seal the Top

3.        Seal the Sides

4.        Remember the Fourth Side

5.        Consider Vertical-Storing Levelers

6.        Combatting Condensation with HVLS Fans


Among above six steps to prevent from slipping, we notice that looking for light is the very first step we can start with to ensure safety in loading docks.

The first step in getting a complete seal at the loading dock is to look for daylight. When a trailer is in place and the dock door is opened, examine the perimeter around the trailer and dock leveler and look for areas where you can see light.

However, sometimes day lights does not help enough with the lighting conditions on in the loading docks. Then we need available lighting fixtures--- loading dock lights for improving the lighting conditions. Golden Future Enterprise HK Ltd is specialized in the designed and manufacturing of led lighting lights with more than 10 years experience. The dock light  models DL619 and DL601Fare widely accepted for improving loading dock lighting conditions. These two models at the same time are used mainly for food storage warehouse and material handling. For more information, pls come to www.goldenfuturehk.com.

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