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What’s the Good for Contract Mining?

Author: Source: Date: 2018-10-26 18:02:36

What’s the Good for Contract Mining?


Statistics show Mining industry is indispensable for the South Africa economy. But now, the industry faces severe situations of high unemployment rate.

The reason caused this situation is the The Labour Broker phenomenon. But in a recent Constitutional Court ruling, the age-old debate around labour broking was finally put to rest.

Contract mining does not always fall firmly into the category of labour broking. Contractors are appointed for core and non-core services based on bids and tenders. These bids are won on the strength of the proposals and the reputation of these bidders, which is a standard procurement procedure.

Contract mining provides mine owners with some of the following advantages according to industry opinion:

1.      Economies of scale and scope through access to capital equipment and human resources;

2.      Optimised mining, plant, and equipment utilisation rates and labour productivity;

3.      Minimisation of the owner’s capital exposure, which allows the company to better utilise capital;

4.       Better equip (or re-equip) mines with restricted capital budget.

Simply, this summarises the benefit of contract mining as managing risk. This applies to workforce availability, occupational health and safety, and environmental incidents. (Source: www.infomine.com)

We GOLDEN FUTURE  who supply to mining industry for more than 10 years, also see the good of contract mining. The management of the mine equipments (indcluding the miner cap lamps we are supplying) will highly improved the  utilization rate and productivity.

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