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LED Mining Lights

Author: Source: Date: 2019-08-05 09:23:30

LED Mining Lights
Model No: KL5LMD

Mining Lights are necessary in Mine industry, especially digging for diamond, gold, cooper etc.. LED has exceptionally high brightness and life span, with water-proof, anti-shock and anti-glare optics. LED mining light provides high quality illumination for the work sites.

Here I would like to recommend our high quality & hot selling model KL5LMD cord miner lamp to you.

Specification of KL5LMD Corded miner lamp:
1.Light source:1pc XPE cree main led +6pc auxiliary led
2.Li-ion battery: 3.7v,7800mAh
3.Lighting output: more than 15000lux
4.Lighting time: over15 hours for main led, 60hours for auxiliary led
5.Bulletproof PC housing and Toughened glass lens. 
6.Aluminum charger with MCU system, Charging time is within 5 hours
7.With low power indication to remind the user to recharge when the power is not enough for 1 hours.

Advantages of KL5LMD mining lights:
1.Perfect for hazardous areas-IP IP68 / I M1 Ex ia Ma
2.Low Maintenance, Long Life & Durability;
3.With short-circuit protection & Over-charge and over-discharge protection system;
4.Environmental--The cap lamp is made from environmentally friendly Li-ion battery and other non-hazardous materials. The KL5LM(D) is an environmentally friendly product as per RoHS Directive.

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