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Fourteen miners Died in Rwanda Mine

Author: Source: Date: 2019-01-29 17:34:18

Fourteen miners Died in Rwanda Mine

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Golden Future Enterprise HK Ltd. supplies miner cap lamp to the worldwide distributors, and as part of the mining industry, we are depressed to hear the news that fourteen miners died in the eastern Rwandan tin mine after a hill collapsed on Monday January 21st . It’s known that the area are suffering heavy rains in recent days, part of the hill nearby collapsed and buried the 13 miners who were getting ready to work.

The news is alarming, and we should be aware of the increasingly importance of the mining safety management in mine, even though facing to the merciless natural disasters. On our parts, we conduct strict quality control on our miner lamps other explosion proof products. This is our responsibility and mission and we will never put them behind us. Pls contact sales@goldenturehk.com Anic for more details.