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Canada injects millions into energy-efficient mining technology projects

Author: Source: Date:2021-09-15 16:46:46

Canada injects millions into energy-efficient mining technology projects

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources is investing C$2 million (about $1.5m) in an initiative to develop an energy-efficient mining technology expected to reduce energy consumption at mine sites, cut costs and make remote operations more productive.
The Canada Mining Innovation Council’s project seeks to replace conventional crushers with technology that can reduce the crushing and grinding component of a mining site’s energy consumption by up to 40%.
Crushing and grinding rocks into smaller pieces is the most energy-consuming activity and also requires the workers wearing mining cap lamp.
The project, funded through Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Growth Program, lowers costs for that part of the mining process by 30%.
The program is a C$155-million investment fund that helps emerging clean technologies further reduce their impacts on air, land and water, while enhancing competitiveness and creating jobs.

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