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China Mining Exhibition (CIME) Overview

Author: Source: Date:2022-04-09 15:13:42

China Mining Exhibition (CIME) Overview

China Mining Exhibition (CIME) will be held 13 to 15 Jun 2018 in Beijing, China.

China Mining Exhibition (CIME) is known as China’s Number one Mining Expo and one of world's five largest mining trade shows. Integrating scattered internal market, CIME aims to create a largest trade and technical exchange platform covering the whole mining industry chain. Based on the past successful years, Beijing International Mining Expo has gained high praise and unanimously approval from enterprises and agents both home and overseas, and the influence of CIME keeps increasing in the global mining industry. There is hundreds of the most powerful and representative companies from China and international mining industry to display thousands of competitive products and the latest technology. Besides, series of exciting activities such as mining industry high-level forums, new technology and products release conferences etc. will take place at the same time to meet your market plan. CIME expects your coming! China Mining Exhibition (CIME) is an event and I like events...

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