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Fifty Peru Mines Restart Operations

Author: Source: Date:2021-09-15 16:46:45

Fifty Peru Mines Restart Operations
In the earlier efforts to fight against pandemic COVID-19, Peru Mines has suspended for a time. But recently fifty large mines in Peru have been authorized to restart operations, according to the SNMPE mining, petroleum and energy association.
This reactivation will encompass at least 80% of Peru\'s mining production capacity, according to the SNMPE.
Peru\'s mining sector contracted 42.29% in April, according to figures from national statistics agency INEI, with the production of iron and tin stopping completely while zinc production fell 86.3%, lead 84.1%, silver 73.6%, gold 53.5%, copper 34.7%) and molybdenum 10.7%. INEI did not provide acutal production volumes or values.
"Peru needs its mining industry to operate at 100% in the shortest possible time to mitigate the grave economic crisis that we face at this decisive moment," said SNMPE president Manuel Fumagalli in a statement in May.
"The mining sector is a great ally of the Peruvian state in the efforts to reverse the deterioration in the national economy as a consequence of the pandemic, as the reactivation of its operations will trigger an important productive chain which guarantees the continuation of direct and indirect employment for the benefit of more than 1.5 million families."
Exports, within which mining represents the lion\'s share, fell 57.35% in April to US$1.6 billion, according to the SUNAT tax authority.
Companies presented sanitary protocols to the health and mining ministries in May, detailing measures being taken to protect workforces from contracting the virus.(From Paul Harris on Mining Journal)
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