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First half year Inner Mongolia 46 million tons of coal produced, 13.8% growth

Author: Source: Date:2022-04-09 15:13:45

First half year Inner Mongolia 46 million tons of coal produced, 13.8% growth

According to a Coal production master of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Economic and Information Committee . In the first half of the year, the region's coal production grew rapidly, has a production of 460 million tons, increased 13.8% than last year. Among that, the average monthly output had 76.99 million tons, increased 9.34 million tons than last year.

The main characteristics of coal production are: the eastern growth rate (22%) is higher than that of the west (11%), local enterprises (16.2%) and the growth rate of foreign state enterprises (17.4%) is higher than the central enterprises (10.3%).

In the first half, Inner Mongolia imported 19.434 million tons of coal, reached an increase of 106.1%.

In addition, the first half of year, Inner Mongolia coal economic operation also presents the following characteristics:

As for security:

Without any fatality happed in the he whole Inner Mongolia area in June.

In the whole 6 month, 3 death accident happened that caused 4 people dead. Compared with same period of last year, the number of accidents fell by 4 and the death toll was down by 3. Since coal production of the whole area is 461.91 million ton, the average death rate is 0.0086/million ton in this year.

It declined 0.0034% than last year.
According to the economic category, from January to June, the central enterprises owned coal mine without any death, the number of accidents decreased by 2, the number of deaths decreased by 2 people. Local coal mine accidents occurred 3 times, 4 people died; the number of accidents decreased by 2, the number of deaths decreased by 1 person.

In next half year, Inner Mongolia will strengthen safety supervision, and carry out a comprehensive safety of coal mine production continually, to ensure that production can be completed on schedule.

Coal prices remain at a reasonable level.

In the first half year, the average price of region's coal pit is 244 CNY / ton, increased 130 CNY / ton.

Among that, the Ordos thermal coal is 360 CNY / ton, increased 210 yuan / ton, the eastern part of lignite is 139 CNY / ton, increased 46 CNY / ton than last year.

Since June, driven by rising coal prices in the port, the Ordos thermal coal price has been increasing. Until Mid of June, the price has increased from 323CNY/ton to 348CNY/ton . Lignite price of the whole eastern region is stable in genera. Economic efficiency is increased effectively.

From January to May, the Inner Mongolia coal industry has a profits of 32.82 billion CNY, reached an increase of 206.6%. accounting for 46.9% profit of similar size enterprise in the whole Mongolia area.

About Capacity cutting task:

2017 Inner Mongolia plans to stop 16 unqualified coal mine site, and cut production capacity of 8.1 million tons. Now 14 sites, 6.6million tons capacity had cut. Complete rate reach to 81.5%, urging the remaining two coal mine exit.

To qualified mining site that in construction or waiting for accept, Procedure will be speeded. to ensure stable operation of the coal market.

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