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Mine Accident concealed, How will Miners’ Life Guaranteed ?

Author: Source: Date:2022-04-09 15:13:49

Mine Accident concealed, How will Miners’ Life Guaranteed ?

According to the news report of “Beijing Times” Mine accident happened in a little gold mine of Shanxi province, China. But the boss of this mine trying to cover this from government investigation. So he transported the body stealthily to another province and kept it in hospital mortuary . Family members of the victim felt angry to that, so they told it to “Beijing Times”, they also suspect that mine owner had delayed 8 hours before dragged the victim body out. Because they afraid the victim becoming vegetative being and needs more compensation.

That’s really a horrible story but real exist. So, how can miners’ life guaranteed ? Golden Future Ltd-as a LED mining headlamp manufacturer promise that we will try our best to guarantee the quality of our products. But that’s far from enough to miners. Only strict supervise system from government, perfect mining system during exploration and conscience of enterpriser, can guarantee miners’ safety .

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