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MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo

Author: Source: Date:2021-09-15 16:46:45

MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo

MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo is an International trade fair & conference which explores New business opportunities for the mining industry. MineXchange 2020 will be held in Phoenix Convention Center USA from 23 February 2020 – 26 February 2020. GOLDEN FUTURE, which has supply the mining industry for more than 12 years, wishes a great success for the Conference.

The MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo is the central industry venue for the exchange of ideas and knowledge through our renowned technical sessions and short courses.

The Expo Floor is a marketplace for products and services to improve workplace challenges, inspire innovation and spur change. In addition to an invigorating programme, the networking opportunities at MineXchange offer a platform for an exchange of ideas, interaction and professional kinship.

This year\'s conference brings together topics of change and cutting edge knowledge that is easily \'Xchanged\' with more than 6000 industry professionals from the world. (More details refer to https://www.smeannualconference.com/)

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