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Operation Safety Is Necessary

Author: Source: Date:2021-09-15 16:46:44

Operation Safety Is Necessary

The existence of the explosive gas in the worksite often bring our attention to operation safety, especially in the underground mine and other dangerous locations.

The incident took place on last Friday (July 10) in the rib line area that was being developed for future longwall mining. Fitzroy Australia crew quickly extinguished the flame. No personnel was injured in the incident.

Initial investigation findings indicate that the flame developed when installing standard strata support.The company immediately suspended mining activities in the development panels, pending the outcome of Fitzroy Australia and Queensland Mines Inspectorate (QMI)’s investigation.

“The mine is investigating the incident in accordance with its obligations. All development activities have been suspended.”

Carborough Downs is an underground longwall mine in the Bowen Basin, producing predominantly coking coal as well as pulverised coal injection (PCI) as a secondary product. It employs around 340 full time employees and contractors.

Fitzroy Australia had undertaken a longwall expansion at the Carborough Downs mine to maximise reserve extraction.

Immediate actions should be taken when danger appears, and the safe and qualified personal protective products also help a lot in the urgent situation.

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