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Two driverless trucks collide in Australia Mine

Author: Source: Date:2021-09-15 16:46:46

Two driverless trucks collide in Australia Mine
(An iron ore train loading at the Brockman 4 mine in Pilbara area, Western Australia. Photo. Wikipedia, Credit: Calistemon; miningmetalnews.com)
According to miningmetalnews.com, two driverless trucks crashed on Saturday in the mining area Pilbara in Western Australia. One truck was driving for 27 kilometres per hour loaded with iron ore, while the other, which rolled for 14 kilometres an hour, was empty. According to the mining company BHP, the accident was due to a downpour that made the roads slippery.
No workers were present at the scene of the accident and no injuries were reported.
Last year, a driver-free ore train tracked out in the same region, also under BHP's control. Jamblebar in Pilbara became 2017 the first of BHP's mines to use exclusively driverless vehicles. (Published by Markku Björkman)

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