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Webinar: The hidden value of digital transformation in coal mining

Author: Source: Date:2021-09-15 16:46:45
Webinar: The hidden value of digital transformation in coal mining
Hosted by Martin Provencher, who has more than 25 years of experience in information technology, operations & maintenance management, the webinar ‘The hidden value of digital transformation in coal mining’ will be held online by Friday, June 12th 2020 - 10:00 PM (CST). The webinar will last for 1 hours.
Digital transformation is revolutionising how mining companies operate. The growing quantity of real-time operational data and events collected opens the door for improvements across the entire organisation.
Mining companies are starting to take advantage of all of this data available in areas such as:
• Safety
• Asset reliability
• Process optimisation
• Energy and water management
• Quality
• Sustainability & compliance
• KPIs and reporting
In this webinar, OSIsoft will highlight some aspects of a successful digital transformation journey and discuss the top priorities that mining executives are looking for. We will also see how mining companies around the world benefit from real-time operational data to improve their safety results & their asset reliability and to optimise their operations.
Webinar website: https://app.livestorm.co/palladian-publications-limited/the-hidden-value-of-digital-transformation-in-coal-mining/
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